Our private lessons are an hour long.  Make sure to be prepared: have a snack beforehand, and bring along some water in case you need a little extra hydration! Remember to wear long pants and close-toed shoes. When you arrive, plan on being a few minutes early to get yourself oriented with the facility.  Check in at the office or find your trainer in the barn or arena. Your trainer will start your lesson with the introduction to your new partner, your horse! You and your trainer will work together to halter the horse and learn about leading him around from the ground.  You will lead the horse into the cross-ties: the area where you'll groom and tack him up! During this time, you will have the guidance of your trainer.  Part of our program involves proper horsemanship; the idea of good husbandry, respect and compassion towards the horses and the equestrian sport. You'll learn how to get your horse ready for a ride, including brushing, saddling, and bridling. Once your mount is ready, your trainer will take you and the horse down to one of our riding arenas.  You will be safe and well-taken care of by one of our school horses.  The horses in our lesson program have been retired from the show ring and now enjoy sharing the training they've had to help you be your best! During your first several riding lessons, you will learn about basic commands, proper use of your rein and leg pressure, balance and position.  After your riding lesson is finished, your trainer will take you and your horse down to the cross-ties, where you'll un-tack and put your horse away. If it's really hot, you might rinse your horse off or give him a bath.  Your trainer will be happy to set up your next riding lesson appointment before you leave, and answer any questions you might have about the program or your lesson.  We look forward to seeing you out at the farm!



Here at High Standard, we believe in excellence.  Not just in the performance of our horses and riders, but in the service we provide for you.  Our training program is highly competitive, with superior feeding and exercise programs to complement the schooling and fitness work we do with our equines.  Our Veterinary and Farrier staff is second to none.  Our riders don't just learn the basics.  Our comprehensive program gives our riders a well-rounded education of horses.  Hands-on experience is available with some of the finest in the equine industry. We support beginners here at High Standard, and believe in the theory that every champion has a beginning..... We start our new riders on a lounge line and watch them grow into confident  and successful equestrians.  We travel to all the local shows, and are members of Sacramento Area Hunter Jumper Association (SAHJA) as well as The Untied States Equestrian Federation (USEF) and United States Hunter Jumper Association (USHJA). We also attend many USEF rated shows throughout the West Coast.

Our horses enjoy large, roomy and well kept box stalls and have access to lush green turn-out paddocks daily. Our rings have superior sand and felt footing, to lesson impact and provide secure footing to our horses during work-outs and lessons. Our riders enjoy clean and modern facilities, on site USEF rated "A' and "B" shows, SAHJA schooling shows,  complete with a rider lounge, swimming pool,picnic tables, and stunning sierra views on our nicely landscaped grounds.  Brookside Equestrian Park also offers the Brookside Cafe and Silky's Back Gate Pub.  We strive for a family friendly atmosphere and a welcoming environment to visitors.

Our show string of horses are on a strict regime of daily work-outs, conditioning and training work-outs.  Our trainers constantly further their education through the use of mentors of the horse show industry, clinics, symposiums and workshops. Proper grooming, nutrition and regular veterinary and farrier work complement our training program and have our horses at the top of their performance.  We offer full training and half training as an option to best suit the needs of horse and rider.  We are also available for show coaching, clinics, trailer-in lessons and sale consultation.  We welcome stallions into our show program. In addition, we occasionally have imported European sport horses for sale.


We welcome you to come visit us! We are located at the Brookside Equestrian Park, 11120 Bradley Ranch Road, Elk Grove, CA 95624. Our hours of operation are Tuesday- Friday 8:00am - 7:00pm and Saturday 8:00am to 2:00pm.  Please call 530-521-6930 to schedule an appointment